Best Online Boutiques Right Now

Here at Girls Online Magazine we know you’re looking for the best things online.  Everything seems to happen over the internet now especially shopping online.  People buy their groceries online, they buy their electronics, make up, and they most definitely buy their clothes there. Retail therapy is now just as exciting and relaxing over your phone or laptop as it was walking through the mall. But how do you know which online stores to try? Where do you go to get all the trendy clothes that you see celebrities and fashionistas wearing? There are so many online clothing stores that say the offer the best prices, the best styles, and fast shipping but do they really?


If you’re new to shopping or just don’t know where to go there are tons of clothing websites and online boutiques available, but which ones are the best?

If you want a guide to the trendy tops, fitted jeans, and flawless dresses, here are some of the online boutiques you should check out. You’ll thank me later!



Boohoo is a youthful clothing site that has become very popular recently. The clothes are stylish, and affordable. They have glamorous pieces for everyone from men, to women, children, and even maternity clothes. They also have a variety of shoes to go along with their fantastic outfits. This site has a lot of fresh looks for women of every size.  They take care of all the taxes for your orders and even receive a large discount for purchases over $60.00. The site also has a lot of sales and adds new pieces to their stock on a regular basis.

Fashion Nova



Fashion Nova  has recently made a name for themselves with women every where. Showing off curvy women and fashionable celebrities wearing their stuff on their social media, has women flocking to their site. They’ve become the go to place for women of all sizes. Their prices are fair and their clothes are amazing, what’s not to love.





Macy’s has been around for a long time and rightfully so. They’ve made shopping there an even better experience by having an online store. Now getting that more mature look is now just a click away. Macy’s has a more conservative style but with quality clothes. Their clothes are a little more expensive but well worth the money.



rossDress for less is their slogan and it’s a great  one to have. Who wouldn’t want to look snazy and save money while doing it. Ross offers clothes for women of  any age, and any occasion. Get accessories, clothes, and shoes that’s right for you.



Disclaimer: These logos and photos are the property of Ross, FashionbNova, Macy’s, and BooHoo.



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