Story Time: Elizabeth’s Story

A Disaster For Dinner

I checked my phone again as I leave the house. It’s twenty minutes after eight and I am running late. I told Scott that I’d meet him at the restaurant at eight thirty, but the restaurant is all the way down town and it’ll take me at least twenty minutes to get down there. As I climb into the car I try to think of a good excuse to tell Scott when I arrive there. The truth was I’d fallen asleep when I got home from work and had woken up at seven. I should have skipped the shower, I thought turning the car on. I back out of the drive way and head for the restaurant. Maybe I’ll tell him I got a flat tire, I think to myself as I get onto the freeway. No he’ll never believe that…I couldn’t find the place, no he knows I have GPS in my car. Scott is a very punctual man and likes everyone else to be as well. Unfortunately for him I hadn’t quite mastered that skill yet. I had to come up with some excuse so that Scott wouldn’t feel the need to lecture me, like he always does when I’m late.

As I pull up in front of the restaurant valet rushes over to open my door. I briefly ignore him as I quickly put on nude make up, because Scott hates bold colors like red, pink, or anything of that nature. As I hurry inside I check to make sure my hair isn’t messy and that nothing is out of place. As I walk up to the hostess she smiles at me. “Well hello there.”

“Hi, reservation for Pierce?”

“Yes mam right this way,” the hostess smiles. Mam? Do I look old enough to be called mam? Lord knows sometimes I feel old enough. I glance at a clock on the wall and realize its eight forty. Great, lecture here we come. The hostess leads me to a table in the corner. Immediately my eyes find Scott, and he’s staring down at his watch. As we approach his green eyes look directly up at mine. I swallow loudly and silently curse for not being able to come up with an excuse before I got here. Scott gets to his feet when we reach the table and the hostess makes her way back to the front of the restaurant. Scott walks over to my chair and pulls it out for me.

“You’re late,” he mumbles in my ear as I take my seat. He quickly kisses me on my cheeks before retreating back to his own seat. I try one last time to come up with an excuse but I get nothing. “You fell asleep didn’t you?” he smiles and I’m thrown off by his amusement. “I have taken the liberty of ordering for you,” he continues not waiting for my answer. His eyes scan me and I already know he’s checking to make sure I look appropriate. “You look lovely this evening,” his grin grows. I have on a dark navy blue long sleeve dress that goes pass my knees. Scott doesn’t like when I wear short dresses because it’s not very lady like, and he doesn’t approve of anything too flashy when we go out. I personally wasn’t too into clothes. As long as I was comfortable, that’s all that matters. My hair is pulled tightly into a bun, my long bangs being the only thing out.

“Thank you, you don’t look too bad yourself.” Scott had on a suite as usual, his blonde hair neatly done. His shirt wrinkled free and his grey tie perfectly straight. He looks as if he is about to go into work instead of just coming from it. Scott’s appearance was always flawless; nothing was ever out of place. He took great pride in how he looked because Scott grew up with parents who taught him appearance was everything. Considering his parents are in politics, that didn’t surprise me at all. I’m surprised at his behavior, he hasn’t got on my case about being late and he’s even smiling like it’s not bothering him. He nervously fidgets with the cuffs of his shirt, folding and unfolding them. My brows pull together in confusion as I watch him. Scott rarely gets nervous so his sudden fidgeting alarmed me. I was just about to ask what was wrong when a waiter brings over a bottle of wine. Scott stops fidgeting and sits up straight making himself look bigger than usual.

“Here you are, Marguax imperial two thousand and five,” the waiter announces pouring both of our glasses before putting the wine down. My eyebrows shoot up as I stare at Scott for an answer. He nods politely to the waiter and the waiter quickly disappears. I continue to watch Scott but he says nothing. He ignores my gaze as he picks up the glass and sips at his drink.

“Scott this bottle is like fourteen thousand dollars…” I wait patiently for an explanation but he continues to ignore me. I finally pick up my glass and decide that I will just go with the flow. Scott acting peculiar is better than Scott nagging me, I tell myself. I slurp down my wine grateful its Friday and I don’t have to work tomorrow. I have been looking forward to this weekend all week. Tonight was a dinner date at a lovely restaurant with my peculiar boyfriend, tomorrow was my brother’s birthday party and Sunday I would be visiting friends, and having lunch with my farther. I was going to have a great weekend no matter what, and I wasn’t going to let anyone ruin it, especially not Scott and his nagging.

“You might want to slow down Elizabeth,” Scott warns eyeing me.

I glance at him over my glass. “What for, we have a whole bottle to ourselves.”

Scott frowned at me, his eyes narrowing on me. “I meant because you haven’t eaten anything yet. No need for you to be late and inebriated.” And cue the lecture, I thought taking another gulp of my drink. “Honestly Elizabeth, would it kill you to be on time for once?”

“Scott it’s not like I’m always late to everything I go to,” I huff feeling a little irritated. “Occasionally us humans are late okay.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“It means we aren’t all perfect little robots like you. Some of us are late sometimes, some of us make mistakes.”

Scott looks away from me frowning. “This dinner was a mistake,” he mumbles before he starts fidgeting again. What is his deal tonight, like I’ve never been late before. It’s just dinner, and I was only ten minutes late. What could possibly have him behaving this way?

Feeling oddly guilty I apologize to him. I shouldn’t be snapping at him because I was late and I didn’t even have a good reason to be. He obviously was trying to have a romantic evening by bringing me to such a nice place and buying such an expensive bottle, and here I was ruining everything. Scott smiled at me just before our food arrived and I knew I was back in his good graces. He ordered a steak with a side of mash potatoes for himself and ordered me baked chicken and a salad. In all honesty I would have been happy with cheeseburger and fries, or even Scott’s steak. Knowing Scott though, he probably wouldn’t approve of a woman eating such things. I swear the out dated chauvinistic views his parent planted in his head were ridiculous. You would think his family was royalty with the way they acted.

We briefly discussed work as we ate our food, and I try very hard not to make it obvious that I was drinking most of the very expensive wine. It was obvious that Scott’s earlier excitement about this dinner had vanished and now he was just being polite. I killed his buzz as quickly as he killed mine, the only difference being that I felt guilty about it and I was almost positive he didn’t. By the end of dinner I was feeling a little bit tipsy. I manage to keep my voice down so I wouldn’t draw attention to us and upset Scott but the filter I usually have on my mouth has completely gone. Although dinner was a bit awkward I found myself in a really chipper mood, no doubt from having such delicious wine. Scott said nothing as he finished his meal; he tried to ignore me, knowing how flirtatious I get when I’ve been drinking. “Scott will you take me home?” I ask looking at him underneath my eyelashes.

“That’s probably for the best; I’m not letting you drive home like this. Waiter” he calls lifting his hand briefly in the air to get the waiters attention. The waiter scurries over to Scott eager to please him in any way that he can. “May I have the check please?” The waiter smiles with a nod and hurries off. Scott’s green and hazel eyes set on me and he frowns. “I’ll call my driver and let him know I’ll be driving you home. Excuse me,” he says quickly getting up from the table. I frown too, when I asked him to take me home, I meant it in flirty way but of course Scott didn’t pick up on that. He hardly ever caught on to my clever teasing or dirty jokes. When Scott returned the check was waiting for him. He quickly paid it and waited for me to grab my purse. Putting his hand on the small of my back he led the way outside.

“Have a nice night sir,” the hostess smiled at Scott completely ignoring me.

“You as well,” Scott mumbled leading me out. As we step outside I lean into Scott. He hands the valet our ticket and we wait for him to go find our car.

I lean closer to Scott rubbing my hand across his big chest. “Scott will you be accompanying me in my bedroom tonight,” I giggled. “I’ll show you how sorry I am for being late tonight.”

“Elizabeth please,” he hisses removing my hand. I’m well aware that Scott isn’t very comfortable with PDA but being as tipsy and horny as I am at the moment I don’t really care.

“Scott don’t you want me right now?” I whisper into his ear and then gently kiss his neck.

“God you just won’t quit will you,” he barks stepping away from me and closer to the curb. I had never felt more rejected and turned off than I did right now. I tell myself not to cry and silently wait for my car to arrive. Feeling completely embarrassed and sad I don’t say anything for the rest of the night. When Scott drops me off at my two-bedroom condo I crawl in bed alone as a small tear escapes my eye. How could such a lovely night have gone so wrong?



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