5 Valentines Date Ideas That Won’t Hurt Your Wallet

1. Cook Something at Home

Cook Dinner for her/him. Whip out your chief skills and dazzle him/her with a simple but elegant meal like pasta, steak and potatoes, or chicken and rice. If you’re not the best cook, trust me, your partner will appreciate the effort. You can always order pizza if you ruin dinner…The restaurants and bars will all be crowded tonight anyways.


2. Netflix and Chill

Getting all cozy and snuggling up with your boo can be just as much fun as going out. Intertwine your bodies and turn off the lights, set the mood for the night. Instead of eating your typically junk food, spice things up with sweets like chocolate, strawberries, or chocolate covered strawberries. Watch some of your favorite romantic movies like Titanic, The Notebook, Love Jones, and any other rom com that makes you uhmm… gush.


3. Sexcapades

Spend the entire day pleasing each other every way imaginable. Plan out all the things you’re going to do to each other while your at work, text one another all the things you want to do and try. If you’re feeling really bold send a picture letting him know exactly what you mean. Tell him everything you want to try, and what you want him to try with you. When you get home move down your list, and let the all night pleasing begin.


4. Somewhere Free

Take your date somewhere you won’t have to work overtime to pay for. There are plenty of parks, venues, and public places that set up a valentines day events ¬†and concerts that cost almost nothing, or are completely free. Not to mention there are naturally romantic places like the beach where you can take your date and still when cool points for being romantic. Check the internet for things that might be going on around you on this special day.


5. Just Be There

Sometimes you don’t need to do all the flowers, balloons, and candy for your partner on Valentines day. Just showing a little extra effort that day can mean the world to your significant other. If you get home first, clean the house, get dinner started, run your partner a bath. Give them a massage, and ask them how things are going. That small extra effort doesn’t go unnoticed. Sometimes we get so busy with our day to day life, we forget to show some attention to our partners.


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