5 Natural Skin Care Tips

  1. Water


    Never under estimate the power of water for your skin. Water keeps the skin hydrated, which can prevent wrinkles and crows feet. The elasticity in your skin is preserved when you drink water, keeping the skin from tightening and wrinkling.  Drinking water everyday will keep your skin looking young, hydrated and wrinkle free for a long time. Everyone always says drink up to 8 glasses of water a day but in all honesty if you just drink water whenever you’re thirsty, you should be fine.

    2.  Lemon


    Lemon juice is an old kept secret for skincare treatments. Most people are unaware of all the benefits lemon juice has to offer the skin. Lemon juice gets rid of blackheads and can help treat acne. Lemon juice is also used for getting rid of dark spots on the skin. Some people use it to get rid of sun spots, or to lighten the underarm, elbow, and knee areas. Just apply natural lemon juice to your skin and watch the magic happen.

    3. Spinach


Don’t forget to eat your greens! Making certain foods with vitamin E a part of your daily diet is good for you. Food like spinach is high in Vitamin E among other great nutritious substances. Vitamin E is known to bring nutrients to the skin and assist with cell growth. This will keep your skin looking young and give it a little glow as well.  Spinach is not the only food with Vitamin E so mix it up a little.

     4.  The Sun


The sun is essential to skincare because too much of it is bad for you, but too little is also bad for you. Too much skin exposure can lead to sun spots, wrinkled skin, and even skin cancer. Too little sun can lead to vitamin D deficiency and can lead to other issues like heart disease, cancer,  and diabetes. Getting the right amount of sun and vitamin D can actually immune cells to travel to the outer layer of the skin to protect and repair damages.

                5. Sleep


Getting enough rest is important for your overall health but it especially important for your skin. Sleeping allows for your skin to hydrate properly. Your body gets rid of any excess water and hydrates the rest of your body in your sleep. Ever notice the puffiness of your eyes and the bags under them when you don’t get enough sleep? That’s because your body wasn’t able to properly hydrate. Get enough sleep everyday so your skin can stay looking fresh.



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