Dating Younger Men


It used to be when girls were younger their parents tried everything in their power to keep their young daughters away from older guys, but as girls grew into women it seemed their interest in the older guy has changed. Older guys seemed stuck in their ways, they were no longer as exciting, passionate, or as accepting as they used to be. And no offense but they probably aren’t as impressive  to look at either.

It’s a new day and women being with younger men are becoming more and more of the norm. According to NBC News, 1 out of 3 women between the ages of 40 and 69 are dating younger men.  According to an AARP survey of 3,500 older singles, 34 percent of women in the 40-to-69 age group date younger men. And 14 percent of women age 50 to 59 say they prefer dating men in their 40s or younger.

There isn’t anything wrong with women who prefer to date younger men. One might argue that it’s the more logical way to go, considering women tend to live 4 years longer than men do. The fact that women live longer than men isn’t the only reason they seek younger partners. There are plenty of reasons why older women like younger men, and vice versa.


Why Women Like Younger Men

Women seek younger men for different reasons and one of those reasons is that they want someone they can take care of. For some women dating a younger man feeds their maternal need to take of something or someone. Some woman feel like they have more control over their younger partner.

For some women it’s just easier to meet younger guys. There are a lot more available younger guys than there are older guys. These aspect have nothing to do with how younger guys look or their personalities, it simply has to deal with them being in the position to date more. Younger guys are the ones hitting the bars and clubs at any given day. It’s more likely you’ll run into a suitable, single, younger guy than an older one.

Some older women like what usually comes with having a younger man like, their energy, and ambition, sex drive, looks, passion, and stamina. Younger guys have that new car smell. They haven’t been worn down by all the struggles of life. Younger men still have that appealing twinkle in their eyes and all the confidence in the world. Not to mention the great confidence boost women can get knowing they are just as desirable as the younger woman. You still got it girl!!

There are those older women who like younger men because these women are very secure with themselves. They know what they want and they are not afraid to go after it. Older woman have been to the circus and they’ve seen all the tricks, they are aware of what works for them and what doesn’t and for some that’s younger men.


How to Get a Younger Man

Tip 1:  Confidence is key. Young men and older men alike seek confidence in their woman. Young men especially look for confidence in older women because older women tend to be more comfortable with themselves. They aren’t still trying to find themselves but rather know exactly who they are.

Tip 2: Keep it simple. Some younger guys are a lot more mature than their peers and are looking for someone similar. They aren’t into dating drama queens, the girls who dress loudly and needs all the attention on her. He’s looking for a classy woman, who knows how to act in public and isn’t looking to be the center of attention ever where they go.

Tip 3: Embrace your experiences. Younger guys love the fact that older women are more stable. Older women are more financially stable, emotionally stable, sexually more experience. Younger men generally like how older woman carry themselves.

Tip 4: Don’t be his mom. He’s not with you because he is looking for another mom figure. He’s not going to be into someone patronizing and scolding him every time he does something wrong. Younger guys are looking for a mature relationship when they date older woman and there is nothing mature about chastising your guy for bad table manners.

Whether you consider yourself a cougar or just someone who likes them a tad bit younger dating a younger guy is something everyone should explore at least once.

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