Share Your Secret, Flaunt Your Werid

We now live in a society where everything is public knowledge. Thanks to social media, instant text, and the internet, everything is shared with the world almost instantaneously. With all the immediate sharing that is done, a new wave of unconventional and nontraditional lifestyles have began to be embraced. People are sharing every part of their lives, and as you can imagine, not everything is considered normal, appropriate, or what some might consider “right”, but much like this constant sharing, unconventional and nontraditional lifestyles are being embraced. So what exactly about oversharing and nontraditional is so appealing to the masses?


If you think about it, it’s not really a hard concept to grab. There are 3 basic things that really appeal to people when it comes to sharing our entire lives through social, and embracing these alternative lifestyles. Well, really there is more but these 3 are the most common, and the others can kind of fall under these 3 in one way or another.

  1. Speed, Speed, Speed 

Now a days it’s all about what we can get, and how fast can we get it. We want everything at the speed of light. Not only do people want to be able to share things quickly, but we want to receive things quickly. Everything is instant, for immediate gratification, and when it’s not we start to slowly loose our minds. Think about how upset your get when your internet is slow, when the guy you like hasn’t texted back yet, when you order stuff online and have to wait for it to get delivered. Social media, the internet, instant text, and even television allows for us to experience things as soon as possible. We want to be entertained, informed, and influenced as soon as possible. Considering you never know how much time you have left, it makes sense that you’d want everything as quickly as possible, but it does create a sense of urgency all the time, like we are rushing through life.



2. Curiosity Is Key

Humans are curious, we’ve always been this way. Our brains are always hungry for more information, it’s the way we were built. Curiosity is the reasons babies put everything in their mouth, why Pandora insisted on opening the box, why caller ID was invented, and the reason we’re so obsessed the internet/social media. We want to know everyone’s life. We love knowing what our friends and family are doing all day, even if a lot of times it’s repetitive. We know they’re just as curious to know what we’re up to, so a lot of us will post fun and exciting things to let them know our life isn’t dull. We leave people with just enough excitement and entertainment to make them want to text us, watch us, follow us, or whatever the case may be.



3. We Want To Relate

Is it any wonder why tell all books and reality TV along with social media is so popular. You would think it has to do with people wanting to know about their favorite celebrities, but that’s only part of it. Another huge reason people are so into them is because they are looking to relate. People over exposing their lives allows for us to see more about them, that includes things we don’t expect to see, like their flaws, their short comings, tragedies, and doubt. They become more relatable, and suddenly we don’t feel so alone, we feel more understood. I’ll admit that I’m an avid reality TV watcher, and I don’t watch to see how awesome celebrities are, I watch to see the struggles they go through. Even though they are rich and famous I want to know that they have issues just like I do.


There are many more things we could discuss when it comes to social media, the internet, texting, and reality TV. What we do need to know is that it’s okay to embrace these things, as long as there is a limit.

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