Why Would I Wear Weaves, Extensions, and Wigs?

There has always been a stigma around wearing unnatural hair. Back in the days you only wore fake hair if you were modeling, in movies, or over the age of sixty. ¬†People would make fun of you if they knew you were wearing fake hair. Keep in mind when I say “fake hair” I mean hair that didn’t grow out of your scalp. Now a days everyone wears fake hair, now fake hair is a trend. ¬†Even though fake hair, i.e extensions, weaves, and wigs, are becoming more and more popular, there is still a small stigma attached to them.


People often believe if you’re not wearing your real hair there must be something wrong with it. They believe that you’re using it to cover up whatever embarrassment is hiding underneath. Unfortunately, they think this because they don’t know any better. I personally wear both wigs and weaves or ( extensions) and it’s not because I am embarrassed by my hair. There is a multitude of reasons why I and other people like me wear this stuff. For those of you who don’t know why, here are some of the reasons.

Switch Up Those Looks


Personally, I like to try out different looks, and wearing a weave or wigs is the best way to do that without damaging, cutting, or messing with my real hair. The more I don’t tamper with my hair, the stronger and healthier it becomes, so I just get weaves and wigs to switch up my style. Sometimes I want long curly hair, other times I’m in the mood for thick wavy hair with bangs.

I enjoy changing my hairstyle the same way I enjoy changing my outfits, all the while my hair is growing long and strong underneath. There are times where I enjoy the natural black look and then there are times when I want to be a blonde or a red head. Instead of putting harmful chemicals in my hair, I buy the hair already that color. It’s like tapping into a different part of my personality with each wig.

It’s So Convenient

I can’t tell you how nice it is to not have to wake up every morning and style my hair. To not have to spend precious minutes washing, moisturizing, or flat ironing my hair. Most of the time my weaves and wigs are styled already or easily styled saving me a ton of time. When I get sick of the style or the style begins to wear out, I just get a new style. I can get up and go, and not to toot my own horn but look good when I do. My fake hair also protects my real hair from daily situational and environmental damages. When you’re always on the go, and have a lot on your plate it’s very convenient to have your hair just as ready as you are.

You Become A Bit Of A Model

I’ve been wearing fake hair for years, and everyone who knows me knows this. I’ve gone through many styles throughout the years some of them fabulous and others not so much. As I tried style after style the people around me like my family and friends got used to me looking different almost every month. They started to look forward to the different looks and hairstyles I would show up wearing. They would be eager to see and assess whether or not they liked it. It became even more fun to see people’s reaction to the different hairstyles I would have. I’ve even become known to have a signature look. People have even been encouraged to try out fake after with certain styles after seeing me with them.

There are many different reasons why people wear things like weaves and wigs, and there is nothing wrong with any of those reasons. As I got older and got more and more used to wearing them, I learned to not be ashamed of it. At the end of the day, it’s my body, it’s my hair, and it’s my hard earned money paying for it, so I will do as I please. In the simplest terms, I do it because I like it…shouldn’t that be enough?


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