You, Your Boyfriend, and Your Fake Hair

For those of us who do wear fake hair, or (hair that is not growing out of your scalp) we  all reach a point in our dating lives or relationships where we are confronted with the opportunity to discuss our hair with our man. Whether he asks about it, tugged at it a little too hard, or he already knew, at some point the hair does come up. From personal experience ladies it’s never a good idea to ignore the topic or to lie about it. A lot of men are not familiar with with fake hair, some are completely clueless. Seriously, they don’t know where it comes from, how you put it in, and why we wear it. What they do finally figure it out is that the hair is not naturally yours. So how do you go about talking hair to your boyfriend, or the guy your seeing?

For the record some guys don’t need to talk about it. For some guys fake hair is like make up. It makes you look hot and that’s all that matters. Other men are just curious. They don’t care if you wear it, but they want to know what your hair looks like without it. Of course you might even be with the guy who would rather you didn’t wear it all. No matter how your guy feels about it, it’s best to just be open and honest about your fake hair. This talk is not a big deal, but it can be if you don’t have it.

Hair Slip Up

It might be completely fine if you and the guy you’re seeing never have the “hair talk” but don’t be surprised when you guys are having a hot and heavy moment and your fake hair gets pulled off, or moves, and he freaks out. You’d be surprised how often this happens. And lets not even mention the guys who like to run their fingers through your hair or pull it while your getting….well…intimate. Save yourself the dramatic scene and just say something.

He Feels Tricked

If he finds out your hair is fake and you never explained otherwise he might feel tricked. He may feel like he unknowingly signed on for something he doesn’t want, some men don’t like weaves, wigs, or clip ins. It’s not always so much that you wear fake hair it’s the fact that you didn’t trust him enough to tell him, or lied if you told him your hair was real. Men are very visual, and no doubt notice your apperance long before your kick ass personality. Sometimes the sooner he knows the better.

It’s Exhausting to Pretend

There are a ton of things you have to be careful about if you have fake hair, that list only grows if you’re pretending it’s your real hair. Everything from going swimming, fooling around, to working out, and having sex can get complicated with fake hair, especially if you’re pretending its yours. It will be draining trying to keep up with the appearance, human hair or not. You don’t need that kind of pressure on top of seeing someone.

Again some men won’t even care, or might already know about your fake hair but it’s still a good idea to say something. Make a joke about it if need be because really its not a big deal. If he makes it a huge issue, then he’s probably not the one for you anyways. Tell him when ready to and however you feel is the best way to do that.



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