Why Are Women So Stupid For Men

I understand my title is very controversial. If you heard as many stories lately as I have about these great women who are in relationships with these, in my opinion “losers”, you’d understand. Look I try not to judge, we all do, but sometimes you can’t help but wonder why? These women who are amazing in their own right, who know better, still bother to entertain or be with these men. What is it about these men that allow these women to see pass these huge flaws. Don’t get me wrong I know we all have flaws, and I know no one is perfect but some of these guys have great women, and treat them like trash. To my utter surprise, these women stay with them. Do women really have to kiss a few frogs before meeting Prince Charming? Am I simply over looking the aspect that relationships are just about what we are willing to put up with for love? Or are we as women just making ourselves stupid for men?

Kissing A Few Frogs Theory

Perhaps women just have to go through a lot of losers before they get to the winner. Maybe it’s necessary to be with all the guys who aren’t good for you so that you know what is. You know that whole go through the bulls%$# so that you come out a stronger woman. In a way maybe those guys are simply life lessons that we all have to learn in order to be the woman we want to be, or the amazing wife to our soul mates. It’s not like it’s uncommon for a woman to be with a guy who isn’t right for her, that’s what all our ex boyfriends are. They are simply guys who weren’t right for us. They were men who had flaws that we couldn’t put up with and vise versa. Rarely do women get it right the first time. How do we learn what we like and don’t like if we don’t kiss a few frogs so to speak. Are all these women I’m hearing about still kissing frogs? Is this all in the name of research for Mr.Right? Am I being to quick to judge? If these women were so smart and great, then they were bound to realize that they are kissing a frog. Perhaps all they need is time, or is there something else going on here?

Relationships: Simply What Your Willing to Put Up With Theory

Maybe these women weren’t stupid at all, maybe I’m the stupid one. Maybe there is a woman right now observing my relationship thinking she’s a fool for being with that guy. Perhaps I’ve been looking at things all wrong. Maybe these women were with the perfect guy for them because they were the only ones who would put up these men. Maybe these men were perfect for these women because they accepted each other’s flaws and were still in some form or another happy. One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.  These guys might be terrible in my opinion but they might also perfect for the girls they were with. Like I said before, no one is perfect. I am in the best relationship right now, but my boyfriend is far from perfect, perfect for me that is. There will always be some idea of a perfect guy that society has created, but that doesn’t mean that those guys are perfect for us. Are these guys “losers” or am I projecting my Prince Charming on another woman’s man? Who was I to know what’s best for these woman? But maybe these women could see what I saw because they were so wrapped up in being in love?

Stupid For Men

I am not implying that these women I’ve heard about are actually stupid, just that they ignore their intelligence in order to be with the men their with. When I say an intelligent woman, I mean a woman who knows her worth, a woman who isn’t fooled easily, and a woman who is always looking to better herself. Woman who get with men who keep them from doing any of those things are “stupid for their men.” A man should compliment the woman he’s with and she him. He should in no way be bringing her down as she tries to excel through life. The woman I’ve been hearing about are complete parasites, they do nothing but take from their woman. These women, who have everything going for them, seem to just deal with it. I just don’t get it.

When it’s all said and done these woman are grown, and it’s their choice. I may not ever understand but it’s not my place to. I just want to encourage women who are with these “losers” to do better. And guys I know you might have the same issue, so i want to encourage you to do the same. At the end of the day, you love who you love.



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