Dating Online Is The Same As Dating In Real Life

There are so many people who don’t believe in using dating apps or dating online. For some it’s just unnatural, it’s scary, or desperate. They would rather find love the good old fashion way, randomly meeting someone and hitting it off.  But why is online dating so frowned upon? Granted it has become more and more acceptable but there are still a lot of people who say “It’s just not for me.” My question to those people is, what’s the difference?


 You Don’t Know Someone Until You Know Someone

You may think meeting a guy in a bar, or through a friend is safer than meeting someone online but if you really think about it, you don’t know someone until you’ve spent a great deal of time with them. Yes it’s possible to get catfished online and in real life. A person can lie about their age, their occupation, their marital status, and plenty of other things via apps or in person. Even a persons looks can be deceiving in person. Imagine a girl wearing a ton of makeup, fake hair, contacts, push up bras when you met her but your first date she decides to go natural. Believe it or not, a guy can pull the same trick too.

As far as getting catfished it can happen to anyone at anytime, online or in person. You just never know until you get to know someone. Being catfished isn’t the only similarities dating online and in person share.


You Have to Put In Work

It doesn’t matter if you meet in person or on an app, if you hit it off with someone you’re going to need to put in some effort. You’ll have to spend time with them, learn to communicate, let them meet your family and visa versa. Effort is something you’ll need to work out throughout the relationship.

You’ll also have to put in effort before you even meet that special someone. Whether it’s taking great photos for your profile or looking good before you leave the house, effort and work is required to attract your mate. Sorting through all the people you may not want can mean putting in a decent amount of effort. Things like going through countless messages and weeding out people at a bar involves a lot of time and patience, but it’s worth it when you finally connect with someone.


Where You Meet Matters

There is no guarantee that your relationship will work out if you met them in person or online. It’s  not important where you meet the person you want to be with, what’s important is that they’re the right person for you. You have to go to the right places and present yourself in the right way. If I go to bars or use apps like Tinder, I might not meet someone who is ready to be in a serious relationship.

If I meet someone while in school or on a site like eharmony, my chances for a relationship is a lot better. Both types of dating has their advantages and disadvantages. Love can come at anytime and can be found anywhere so we should just be open to it however it finds us. Don’t be afraid to go online to meet someone, and don’t shy away from going out either. Just know when you’re ready you’ll find what you’re looking for, and you’ll be so happy it won’t matter how you found them.




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