What Women Wish Men Knew

Men are not mind readers, although things would be a lot easier if they were. Men often struggle trying to figure out what women want, and not all women are comfortable just saying what’s on their mind. Some women were taught that speaking your mind as freely as men do is not very lady like, other women don’t realize that guys don’t think the same way we do, so they expect their men to just figure it out. Unfortunately for the fellas, they are often time walking around clueless to some extent to what’s going in their ladies head. While I can’t give you an in-depth analysis of what every woman is thinking, I can share some things that a lot of women wish men knew.

It’s Not Feminine to Take Care of Yourself


The same way men like for their women to look well kept, women would prefer if guys did more then get your haircut every so often. For whatever reason, society has deemed it a girls activity to get your hands and feet done, to clean up your eyebrows, to take care of your skin, or to even shave in some areas. These are all things men shouldn’t shy away from. Appearances matter when it comes to dating, and you shouldn’t be afraid to show that you like to look good in every way possible, in fact, GQ Magazine does an entire article on Men getting their feet done. If you’re feeling hesitant about going, check the article and get some perspective.

We Need You to Listen Not Solve The Problem


Unless we ask you what you think about the situation we are expressing, we aren’t looking for you to solve our problem. Men automatically think that if a woman comes to them with a problem they need to solve it, and that’s not the case. A lot of women just like to vent about their problems or the issues they are having. Women know in the back of their heads what they need to do, they’re just looking for someone to sympathize with them. Men we know it’s hard sometimes for you guys to listen, especially if it’s not something that interest you, but trust me when I say you’ll get major cool points for letting your girl vent. Do not insert your advice unless you feel like she wants you to. Hear her out, actually listen, and add a couple of “wow, really! ,” or  “Oh man that really sucks”. Remember she’s looking for a connection and not a lesson.


It’s Okay For You to Share Your Feelings


We understand as men it can be hard expressing yourself because you just don’t know how, that doesn’t mean you have to walk around like an emotionless zombie or an overcompensating tough guy. Women want to know how you feel about things, even if that means getting in touch with your feelings for the first time. Sharing your feelings is a part of communicating and can make your connection with your partner stronger. It’s also important to not only communicate your emotions but to do it in a positive manner. Crying your eyes out over every little thing, or yelling and screaming when you’re mad is not going to go over so well with your lady.  Finding a good balance between expressing yourself, and communitcating effectively can go a long way with the ladies.

There are many things women wish men knew and i’m sure vice versa, and with these helpful tips hopefully we can bridge the gap between men and women just a little more. Perhaps next time we’ll touch on what men wish women knew, and give the women a little male insight.


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