What’s Stopping You?

So many of us want things out of life but for different reasons stop ourselves from getting them. Some of us want to start a business, others want to travel more, go to school, fall in love, write a book you name it. Many of us want these things for ourselves, but most of us will never have them, but why is that? People always say if you want something all you need to do is work hard to get it. This vague understanding of achieving your goals will get you nowhere. Working hard is a huge part of accomplishing the things you want out of life but there is so much more than just working hard. One of the most important thing in figuring out how to achieve your goals is figuring out what’s stopping you. If nothing was stopping us from achieving our goals we’d all be living the dream right now, or at least on our way to doing so. Some of us may have figured out what needs to be done and are on their way to doing it but the rest of us might need a little help. Here are some things you must realize when you want to achieve your goals.

Realize You Are In Your Own Way


We as people love to place blame on certain things to make us feel better about not doing the thing we want and need to do. We love to focus on why we can’t instead why can’t we, because the truth is we can. We can do anything we want to do in life. For whatever reason we tell ourselves we can’t, we tell ourselves it’s too hard, or we let other people tell us it’s not possible. When it all comes down to it, it’s not our situations, it’s not our lack of knowledge or resources, it’s ourselves keeping us from our dream. We are so afraid of the unknown, of failure, of trying, that we will allow ourselves to be unhappy.  People have to realize it all starts with you. You have to want something so bad that you get out of your own way to get it.

Your Body, Your Heart, Your Mind on One Accord


For you to be able to do the things you want to do in life you have to make sure everything is on one accord. Your mind, your body, and your heart have to ll want it. It may sound silly because they are all apart of you but that doesn’t mean they are all on the same page and that could one of the things stopping you from reaching your goal. You can mentally know what you need to do, and even have the drive, but if your body doesn’t physically do anything, it doesn’t get done. You can even try to work towards your dreams, but if your heart isn’t in it you’ll get weary and stop. You have to work toward the things that you love, the things that inspire you, whatever gets you going. If you don’t, your mind, body, and heart will never be on one accord, and you will never succeed.

Take It One Step At A Time


It’s all about taking the first step, for most people that’s the hardest part. People are so busy overthinking things or trying to time when they need to do things when really they’re all excuses for not taking the first step. Once you take that first step you feel a surge of confidence and pride in yourself that will make you want to take the next step. Before you know it you’re on your way, your dream is that much closer. Stop looking at how large the mountain is to get to your dream, or how many obstacles you have to overcome and just take the first step. You’ll never get to where you need to if you’re looking at all the reasons why you can’t. If you just tell yourself I need to take that first step, and then do it there’s no telling how far you may go. Think about how much you can accomplish once you get past that first hurdle.

There is nothing easy about accomplishing your goals.  You’ll have to fight and push the entire way to get there but it’s worth it when you get there. Your vision, your dream, your goals are waiting for you. Work up the courage to go after them, and remember if someone else has done it, you can do it too no matter who you are! And if no one believes Girls Online believes in you


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