How Big Of A Role Does Society Play In Your Relationship

Relationships are very unique. They are built on the ideas, cultures, and the lifestyles of those who are in them. In each relationship, you’ll find your own special pet names, living arrangements, traditions, and status quo. We all know what works for one relationship may not work for another because they are all so different, but how many of us truly believe that. How many of us want the #relationshipgoals of another couple, or always chasing that person that is perfect in our heads. We go on social media and see other people’s lives and sometimes we think to ourselves, we want that. We see these setup shots of people who look like they’re on a date, at the beach, or doing something extremely romantic with their significant other and a part of us wish we were doing the same. We watch our favorite celebrities and see the kind of person they date, let them tell us what’s attractive, or set the tone for our relationship. We post our relationships online, and invite the world in to like, and comment on them. Half of us can’t even get into an argument with our partners without posting it on social media. When did our romantic relationships become a relationship with everyone?

Standards In Who We Date


One of the things we allow society to tell us when it comes to dating is who we are allowed to date. This can come in the form of many things such as a person from a certain class, race, sexuality, religion, and many other things. When we are into someone we seek the approval of others like our friends, and family instead of just trusting our own opinion. It’s understandable that we would want the people closest to us to like whoever we bring around, but relationships don’t usually last when we choose someone our friends and family don’t approve of. And it’s not just our family and friends who tend to get a say in who we date but society as well. Sometimes we will talk ourselves out of seeing someone because of a stereotype we’ve learned from society like, oh he/she is too good looking they’ll never be into me, or they didn’t go to college so they’ll never amount to anything. It’s important you choose someone who makes you happy, whether society approves of them or not. At the end of the day, you’re the one who has to be with them.

Roles In Your Relationship


The roles we play in our relationship are often dictated by society as well. As a man, you feel inclined to be the provider in the relationship, the protector, and the problem solver. As a woman society will tell you-you’re the caregiver, the nurturer, someone who caters to their man. If that is the role you enjoy having for your relationship so be it, but you shouldn’t feel pressured into that role. Don’t let other people come to you about your relationship and what you should be doing in it. The role you have in your relationship should only be appointed by you and your significant other. Different people like different things so if your boyfriend is okay being the one picking up the tab when you guys go out, by all means, let him. If you like to be the one to plan things or wear the pants in your relationship, and your partner is all for it, be that person. Your relationship, your rules.

Relationships will always be different from each other, and nothing will matter except for the people in them. The only thing that can be said for every kind of relationship is that they can only work when both people are on the same page, and that doesn’t include those on your social media pages. The next time you think about a relationship you’re in, make sure they are your thoughts alone, and not everyone else’s.



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