Bachelorette Party: Expectations VS. Reality

It’s wedding season and that means women everywhere will be taking part in the grand tradition of having a bachelorette party. A bachelorette party is when a group of typically women, get together and celebrate a friend or loved one who is about to get married. Now seeing movies like Bridesmaids and Bride Wars may have you thinking that bachelorette parties are these out of control nights of wild fun and considerable regrets but that’s not always the case, nor is it the standard. Your bachelorette party can range from having an adult all girls sleepover to a relaxing spa day, to an insane Vegas trip that ends in the ultimate hangover. Many people will see these different kinds of expectations for a bachelorette party, not knowing that they aren’t always reality.

Who Supposed To Go Vs Who You Want To Go


When you think about who you’re supposed to invite to your bachelorette party it might make you cringe. You might be expected to invite people you don’t necessarily want there. Maybe your future husband’s sister is a complete drag, maybe someone in your own bridal shower is causing you to put restrictions on your bachelorette party, either way, you wish they weren’t coming. You weigh the pros and cons of not inviting them and it seems more harmful than good. You don’t want things to feel awkward, but also it’s your party and you should be able to do what you want. When it all comes down to it this is the only bachelorette party you will ever have..theoretically speaking. You should only spend it with the people you want to, the people who you feel comfortable being your complete self around.

What Your Expected to Do Vs What You Want to Do

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Just because most people go crazy during the bachelorette party and whined up at a strip club or a hotel party, doesn’t mean you have to. Maybe you and your friends aren’t into partying really hard, or just want to do something different. Your bachelorette party can be whatever you want it to be. If you want to have a mellow bachelorette party going somewhere like wine tasting or a nice brunch there’s nothing wrong with that. The party is all about celebrating you and your marriage so spend it doing the stuff that makes you happy. It’s also completely okay going balls to the wall crazy at some bar, or wherever you get your kicks. You can even take your party up a notch by going somewhere like a concert, festival, or just a fun girls trip. People will expect your bachelorette party to be a night of insane partying, but don’t feel pressured to have that if it’s not what you want. Honestly, you should do whatever you feel you will enjoy.

Have It Whenever You Want


A lot of people believe the bachelorette party should be close to your wedding day, with the tradition of being the night before but your wedding can be stressful enough without trying to recover from partying the night before. It’s totally cool to have your party long before your wedding day so that you can get all the fun out of the way and then get back to business. You also want to pick a time where all your party guest are available which might not line up with right before your wedding. You can have your party a month ahead if that’s what works for you. If you want to keep in the grand tradition of having it right before your wedding, more power to ya! For some getting it together the next day is no problem at all. We here at Girls Online Magazine salute you!

There are all these expectations for having a great bachelorette party, but the best ones are always the ones that are unique to your experience and whatever you want them to be. And when it comes down to it that’s the reality.


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