5 Signs You’re Seriously In A Horror Movie

Ever wonder why horror movies are so terrifying? Why they scare you so much? It’s because some part of you feels like they could be true. It’s completely possible that there is a ghost haunting your home,  a deranged killer in your neighborhood or a clan of people who practice dark magic who you’ve managed to piss off. Even those horror movies where zombies are taking over the world hold some sort of truth, otherwise, why would it scare you? If horror movies stem from some sort of truth, isn’t it completely possible you could be in a horror movie and not even know it? In case you can’t tell, here are some signs that you might be in a horror movie.


1. You Hear Children Laughing/ Singing But There Are None Around

If you’re somewhere (possibly creepy) and you suddenly hear the sound of children laughing or singing, but when you look around there are no children, it’s time to get the hell out of there. Don’t walk, run to the nearest exit if this happens to you. This is a clear sign that you are in a horror movie and some s#$% is about to go down.


2. Your Friends Decide They Want To Play With A Ouija Board

Why people play with this crazy thing and expect nothing to happen is beyond me. If someone you know suggests playing with this or brings it out, it’s time to go. Your life is about to turn into an insane horror movie. I can’t even tell you how many horror movies start off with this board. It’s especially bad when you’re dared, or someone makes that ridiculous comment “what’s the worse that can happen?” Do me a favor and just leave these things the hell alone.


3. You Hear a Scary Nose and You or a  Friend Want to Investigate

This one can be tricky because obviously, your natural reaction to hearing something you don’t recognize is to go see what it is, but have you heard the saying curiosity killed the cat? If you’re hearing weird noises, that’s a clear sign you might be in a horror movie. This sign can be tricky because a weird noise could literally be anything. Let’s say if you have a weird feeling or you’re somewhere creepy when you hear the noise, then get the hell out of there. No investigating, just go, far away!


4. You Guys Are In The Middle Of Nowhere And Someone Suggest Splitting Up

Freddie in Scooby Doo had it all wrong, unless you are all well equipped, or know self-defense splitting up is a bad idea. The only thing that splitting up does while you’re in a foreign environment is help the killer or strang monster thing pick you off one at a time. Splitting up isn’t a good idea at all, and it’s a clear sign that you’re in a horror movie. It’s also a clear sign that things are about to go very bad, so stick together. If you do split up make sure you’re with the virgin, they seem to always make it out alive, and if you are a virgin then don’t stress it, you’re already good.


5. There’s A Whisper In The Wind

Say you’re minding your own business and all of a sudden you hear a voice, but the voice is not a normal voice, it’s a whisper. You look around, but don’t see anything. You briefly wonder if it was just your imagination.  First off the fact that you’re hearing a whisper should be the first clue that something is wrong. Nothing good ever comes from a whisper. Second, if you heard something chances are, the sound came from somewhere you just couldn’t locate where. That means someone or something has eyes on you and you don’t have eyes on it. Red flags should be going off and you should be looking for the nearest exit, your horror movie is about to begin.

Most of the things we see in horror movies aren’t real, but there is often a realness to them. If you find yourself in the situations above or any that usually start off a great horror flick, it’s probably best to get the hell out of there. Don’t say Girls Online Magazine didn’t warn ya!


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