What Men Wish Women Knew

We recently did an article on what women wish men knew and now it’s time to teach the ladies a few things. There are a lot of things men wish women knew, and much like the fellas women can’t read their minds. So Girls Online is going to share a few things to help the women out, and hopefully bridge the gap in communication between men and women. You can thank us later! Women take some notes, these aren’t all the things men want us to know but these are some pretty common and easy to remember ones.

Approaching Women Isn’t Easy


Ladies, please understand how hard it is for guys to approach a girl they are interested in. While it’s totally okay for women to hit on a guy, a lot of the responsibility to make the first move relies heavily on the male. It’s a considerable amount of pressure to approach someone you don’t know and try to come off charming, attractive, or anything other than creepy. Men have to consider where they’re approaching a woman, how they approach and worry about getting rejected all in a matter of minutes. Men would just like women to appreciate what it takes to simply seek their attention, with the added plea of not making them feel awkward or terrible if you’re not interested. Give the guy a break, it’s not easy putting yourself out there like that all for the sake of a phone number or possible date.

We Like It When You Offer


It would be nice if women offered to do things like pick up the tab, or any of the many other things that are expected of the man on a date. Most of the time a guy will take care of it regardless but the fact that a woman would offer means a lot. It shows that you aren’t just expecting things, and are considerate of your date. Be careful not to be overly anxious to pay because that can be a little bit of a turn-off. If you offer and I graciously decline, there is no need for you to insist, unless that’s something that’s really important to you. Again, most guys are happy to pay, we just like to know that you care enough to offer to pay, or at least go dutch. This isn’t just a first date suggestion either, this nifty little advice is also valid if you are in a committed relationship, or married. It helps men feel appreciated and not like a walking wallet.

Tell Us What’s Wrong


Ladies if a guy does something wrong, or you’re upset with him, tell him! Pouting and giving men the silent treatment will get you nowhere. Half the time they don’t know why you’re upset and in their heads, it doesn’t make sense for you to just be angry and not even explain why. How is your guy supposed to make it right if he doesn’t know what’s going on? Acting distant and giving the silent treatment only makes things worse. If you need a little space, that’s understandable, come talk to him when you’re ready, but don’t be passive aggressive and walk around with an attitude trying to torture your guy. And when they ask you what’s wrong, please don’t say nothing, your behavior and demeanor suggest otherwise.  Mature and healthy relationships are built off honest and helpful communication, so speak up!

We Love the Chase But It Does Get Old


Okay, we all know that men enjoy pursuing a woman. It comes as no surprise that women play hard to get because they know men want them more when they show interest but don’t completely fall for their charm. Women like making men work for it and men enjoy the work, but just know if you play too hard to get, men will just assume you don’t want to be caught. In other words, play hard to get, but at some point let them get you. The chase is only appealing for so long and then they’ll move on to their next target. It’s also helpful if you let men know up front if you’re not interested at all, sometimes playing hard to get can be confused with flat-out disinterest for some men. Cal it biology, call it traditions or call it whatever you want, but you can’t deny the thrill and excitement felt when a guy is first pursuing a woman, it’s the same excitement for men, but things can only get more exciting if they get the chance to be with you.

There are so many things men want women to know, and the same goes for the reverse. Hopefully, Girls Online Magazine made it that much easier for both of them.  Tell us if there are other things guys really wish women would know, let’s talk!


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