Don’t You Wish These Shows Were Back On The Air

We all have our favorite shows that we used to watch that are no longer on the air, or is still on the air but the show ended long ago. We wait anxiously for Netflix or Hulu to revive these shows or stream them so we can relive the excitement we did when they first came on. When they’re around we gladly turn to zombies while binge-watching them for days at a time, and wouldn’t think twice about doing it again. They’re the shows we grew up with, the shows that touched our hearts, and the shows we desperately wish would come back on. Here is a list of shows we desperately wish would come back on, or we wouldn’t mind if they were permanently on our streaming service.



Whether you enjoyed the heated love triangles, the corky and funny nature of the group, or that catchy intro, there was no denying how great of a show Friends was. The show at one point was averaging about 24.7 million views a week. Needless to say, the show was a complete hit. The lovable cast managed to keep the show going for ten seasons before they all began to branch off and pursue other ventures. While the fans were graced with a proper finale, hearts were still broken that the show was no more, and too many of us would be all to happy to relive our days of watching the hit show Friends!

I Love Lucy


You were all too lucky if you were around to watch I Love Lucy in it’s prime. The show was iconic and during its time was the most watched show in the nation for four out of its six seasons. Lucille Ball’s comedy performance in the show would pave the way for many female TV characters in the future. You couldn’t help but love her wholesome yet outrageously funny antics on the show, or the love she shared with her then tv and reality husband Ricky (Desi Armaz).  A Christmas episode oh I Love Lucy aired in color sixty-two years after the show was over and still brought in 8 million viewers. To this day audiences of all ages, ethnicities, and cultures adore the show I Love Lucy and desperately wish they could readily watch it in all it’s glory again.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


Everyone was a fan of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air when the show first started out in 1990. The show won over nine awards including ASCAP Film and Music award in 1994. It was altogether nominated for over twenty-five awards, including an Emmy award. People were drawn to the goofy antics and fish out of water behavior of the main character Will.  Fresh Prince of Bel- Air aired for four seasons before being canceled and then being brought back on by popular demand for an additional two seasons. The show would catapult Will Smith’s career as an actor, he would from then on only star in movies, most of them being blockbuster hits. As big of a star as Will Smith became we all remember how he got his start on the Fresh Prince of Bel – Air, and can only pray that they decide to reboot the show.



Everyone was always at the edge of their seats when it came to the hit drama TV Show House. The show featured a doctor who was a medical genius played by Hugh Laurie. People would tune in every week to watch Doctor House (Hugh Laurie) solve perplexing medical mysteries while spewing his sarcastic humor and borderline abusive remarks to his team of doctors. The show was on for eight seasons and at one point brought in 19.9 million viewers every week to watch the modern-day medical Sherlock Holmes. The show was nominated and won several awards including two Golden Globes. House was very different from previous hospital/doctor shows that had been on TV before, and we will cross our fingers hoping it will grace our TV’s once again.

Tons of TV shows come across our screen but only a few are good enough to claim our hearts. There are so many shows we wish would come back on the air or our streaming apps, and those were only a few. Let Girls Online Magazine know which shows you’re missing.


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