5 Signs It’s Time To Leave Your Relationship

Being in a relationship is always so nice, whether they’re good, bad, or just downright ugly sometimes it can be hard to leave a relationship. Often times you care about that person so much. Sometimes you’re really comfortable being with that person, or you just hate the thought of being alone. You feel a sense of pride because someone is willing to claim you, to call you theirs. Leaving isn’t always easy, and knowing when it’s time to leave can be just as hard. There are plenty of times we want to stick it out or wait until things get better not knowing that they never will. Sometimes relationships are worth fighting for, and sometimes it’s time to let go. If you aren’t sure if it’s time to leave your relationship, here’s a couple of hints.

Being With Them Feels Like a Chore


Being in a relationship isn’t always fun, there are some hard times but there are also some really great times. Being around your significant other should be fun, exciting, and at the very least comfortable. People typically tend to enjoy being around their (SO). If you find yourself dreading to go hang out with your girlfriend or boyfriend, it might be time to let go. Being around each other should be a good time waiting to happen, not an obligation you find as interesting as washing dishes or cleaning out your garage. The mere thought of being around them makes you frown, and you’re often trying to find excuses as to why you can’t hang out. It’s time to cut the cord and believe me when I say the sooner you do it the better.

Neither Of You Bothers Arguing Anymore


While arguing isn’t ideal it’s completely normal in relationships. The problem begins when the arguing stops, and you’re still not seeing eye to eye. Arguing is a sign of passion, arguing means you still care. When you no longer care to argue, a lot of times it means you have given up. relationships are a partnership and if you can’t work together as a team, you’re not going to work at all. If one of you, or both of you can’t agree and can’t be bothered enough to find a middle ground, it’s time to end things because it sounds like that relationship won’t last long anyway. If even just one of you is not willing to compromise or at least insert your opinion when it matters, then sadly your relationship is doomed, its time to break ties.

You Can’t Stop Thinking About Someone Else


Every now and then people might fantasize about someone who isn’t their partner and that’s okay.  More times than not it’s some celebrity or someone they’ve never even met before. But what if you are fantasizing about someone you actually know? Well, that kind of fantasizing seems like you may be crossing the line. You start getting into grey areas when you fantasize about someone you know multiple times. You’re especially in the wrong if you have acted on that fantasy. That’s called cheating! If you are ever thinking, fantasizing, or putting the moves on someone you know, it’s time to break off your current relationship. You may get some animosity from your SO for dumping them, but you’ll get a lot more for cheating on them. Plus, being a cheater is not something you should really want to be associated with. It’s always better to call it quits before you go seeking other mates.

They Just Aren’t Good For You


It doesn’t need to be said, and yet it has been, probably by everyone you know. “They’re just not good for you.” Deep down you know it, and to some degree, they know it too. Your relationship is toxic but you convince yourself it’s real love. Some people believe love is supposed to be difficult, everyone goes through hard times, etc. These are all excuses to stay with someone you know you shouldn’t be staying with. You tell yourself things will get better, that you can fix them, or they don’t mean it when they hurt you. The truth is you aren’t meant to be, and the sooner you decide to let them go the sooner you can get back to actually being happy. If you’re in a toxic relationship, if they aren’t good for you, it’s time to let them go.

Hey, this isn’t an easy topic, we know leaving a relationship can be difficult but sometimes it’s necessary in order for you to be better and to grow. If you need us Girls Online is here to talk. We believe every relationship should be a happy one. Comment below if you can think of other signs, or contact us if you want some advice.


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