If You’re Looking For A Job Right Now This Concerns You

Looking for a job can be complicated. According to the US Department of Labor over 6,000,000 people are unemployed in our nation. So many people are out there filling out application after application, job hunting, going on interviews, and doing everything that they can to get hired. Some people are going out there and crushing it but still coming up empty and they don’t know why. You’re qualified, you answered every question right during the interview, and obviously, they need someone because they’re hiring, so what’s the problem. The problem can be something simple, something you don’t know about but could affect whether or not you get hired. Here are some simple things you should think about the next time you apply for a job.

Your Resume Matters


You’ve probably heard this a million times, and now you’re going to hear it a million and one. Resumes are extremely important when it comes to getting hired somewhere. People will often think “Oh it’s 2018 people aren’t as concerned with resumes anymore…” and that’s not true at all. Your resume is your first impression, it influences you getting the job long before you get to see or speak to a possible employer. What you put on there both good and bad will determine whether someone hires you. For example a lot of people don’t know that listing every job you’ve ever had on your resume can hurt your chances. It’s always best to have a one page resume with relative jobs, experiences, credentials, and interest on there.

Show Some Interest


People are not interested in someone who is just simply looking for a job. Those people are a dime a dozen. They also aren’t interested in someone looking for a job who is simply qualified. The people who are getting hired are people who are excited about the job they applied for, and showed it on their resume/cover letter as well as during their interview. The more you show excitement about working for them the more excited they feel about hiring you. Even if you’re just faking it, fake it until you make. Showing excitement means you’re bringing something to the table, even if it’s just your energy. Show them you’re not only here to work but you also want to learn and grow with the company. Energy is one of the things that will set you apart from a ton of other people who are applying with the same or better qualifications you have. The person hiring is more likely to remember you if you stand out with all that energy.

Do Your Research


Having work experience is not enough anymore, people companies want you to be an expert when you’re applying for their jobs. They don’t just want you to to know a little of this and that, they want you to have mastered everything dealing with their job. When you apply for a job it’s always smart to do a little research. You should research the field your job is in, you should research the position you’re applying for, you should research all of the latest trends in that field, and you should research the actual company. Imagine coming into an interview with an extensive knowledge on the company, your field, and their competition. They’ll be so impressed you took the time to look them up, and interested in your perspective as an outside opinion. Learning a couple of things can only improve your chances of getting the job. Just don’t go in there with a few highlights not truly understanding what you’re talking about and then look ridiculous when they ask you a question you weren’t ready for.

Dress The Part


Looks isn’t everything but it does play a big part in you getting a job. If you manage to get to the interview part of hiring process, just know they are paying close attention to the way you dress. It’s always a good idea to dress business casual or just plain ole business attire. That means no shorts, sandals, t-shirts. short dresses, jeans or mini skirts. Dressing appropriate is important but it’s more than what you have on. You should be mindful of having you hair nicely done, your nails should look clean, even the make up you wear can determine how a future employer will feel about you. Putting on too much make up, or perfume, can show you’r trying too hard and come off like a lack of confidence. Try to keep your look simple, neat, and solid. Too many styles, accessories, and colors can be distracting and can take away from you. And if you’re not sure what to wear, just remember it’s always better to over dress than under dress.

These tips are some small pointers that can be the difference in you getting the job and you never hearing back from a place you applied to. Share your work experience with us on our social media. Good luck in the work force!!


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