What To Do With Your Lips When You Kiss

If you’ve never kissed before or aren’t the most experienced kisser you may not know what to do with your lips during a kiss. There are several kissing styles that all require a bit of technique. Kissing is not a huge deal but for some, a bad kiss can be a complete deal breaker. The good news is that it’s not hard to kiss. Most of the time kissing comes very naturally but there are a handful of people that just don’t have it together yet. If that’s you, don’t freight Girls Online Magazine is here to help, and show you what you should be doing with your lips while you kiss. Hopefully whoever you’re learning this for is worth all this trouble.

The Who and When of Kissing


Learning how to kiss is important but knowing who you’re kissing is even more important. Different people like to be kissed in different ways. Some people like sloppy wet kisses, some keep it simple with a small peck, others want a little tongue. If you’ve never kissed someone before it’s hard to know how they like to be kissed so your best bet is to read the moment. Of course, if it’s something like an end of the night first date kind of kiss you’ll want to stick to a peck or a small and simple kiss. If you’re having a passionate moment a simple peck just isn’t going to do it. It’s also worth mentioning that reading the moment can also be important when you’re trying to decide when to go in for a kiss. There is usually a window of opportunity when kissing is a good idea and when it’s not. All of this information is something you should consider before you go in for a kiss but remember not to over think it. Kissing someone you like should come naturally, or at least it should come off that way.

Prepare Your Mouth


Some of these kissing tips should go without saying but just in case, we’re gonna mention them anyways. One of the main things everyone should know about kissing is how no one wants to kiss someone with a bad breath. There is nothing romantic about having a sour mouth and being inches away from someone with it. You should always make sure your breath isn’t foul and doesn’t ruin your romantic moment. Be careful with kissing right after eating, 8 out of 10 times they’ll still be able to taste your food through the kiss.  You should also keep in mind that while there is saliva exchange during kissing, no one wants to feel like their drowning. Try not to have a mouth full when you’re going in for a kiss because that can be a huge turn-off. It’s also off-putting when your lips feel like the Sahara Desert. If you can help it, try not to have dry or cracked lips when you kiss. Your lips don’t need to be overly moist or anything but it definitely takes away from the moment if they’re noticeably dry.

Your Tongue Should Caress Not Distress


If you manage to kiss someone and you’re doing a good job, the kiss will probably escalate to tongue kisses. Tongue kissing is very intimate but you can easily kill the mood if your tongue is flopping around in someone’s mouth like a dead fish. When it comes to tongue kissing you want to remember to caress and not distress. Don’t go sticking your entire tongue in someone’s mouth and basically try to swallow their face. Your tongue should be gentle and controlled when caressing against someone else’s tongue. Your kiss should be done with confidence and finesse. Note that it’s totally okay to let your partner or the person you’re kissing take the lead. If you really don’t know what you’re doing and they seem to, just mimic their movements. Also if you’re into things like sucking lips or biting be sure you keep the same method of being gentle. If you drew blood you definitely went too far.

When you think about kissing hopefully it’s not a feeling of dread. Even if you’re not the best at it remember that practice always makes perfect. If you follow these tips you might just get a little better at it. If you take anything away from all this, remember that kissing is a natural thing, so just do what feels right.


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