Horror Movies That Changed You

With Halloween being just around the corner people are conjuring up their costumes and busting out their horror films. During Halloween, you tend to see the type of scary things that influenced us the most. People choose the movies and characters we loved or the ones that scared the living daylight out of us to dress up as. And while there are plenty of great horror films out there, there is only a good handful that changed us forever. You know the movies I’m talking about, the ones you still cringe about when someone brings them up. The movies you could only really watch that one time because you experienced enough scaring the first time around. They’re the kind of movies you’ll always remember, and pray never happens. Here are a few movies we know might have changed you after you watched them.

The Human Centipede


You honestly didn’t even have to watch this movie to experience the horrors of it. Hearing about it was enough to scare you off of it. This movie came out in 2009 and was about a mad scientist who kidnapped tourist and performed experiments on them. That’s the clean version of describing this movie. The movie was so off-putting that the creators didn’t disclose all the “disgusting details” to investors until the movie was finished for fear that they would back out. The movie itself is considered scary not because you’re actually afraid, but out of fear that something like this could really happen. The thought of it will haunt you but not in the typical way horror movies do. The Human Centipede is a horror movie that changed the way you saw horror movies.

Paranormal Activity


Paranormal activity is a movie that was released in 2007 about a family that was being haunted, stalked, and murdered by a paranormal demon. While this was not the first movie to feature paranormal entities, Paranormal activity was the first horror movie to film using what was seemingly “found footage”. The movie was shot from a multitude of security cameras, and personal camera devices that made the footage more realistic. It started a trend of horror films being shot with this technique style to better engross the audience. The movie was also culturally different from using a paranormal demon rather than a spirit or ghost, which not only made it more believable to the audience but also more frightening. A demon after your soul is a lot more frightening than an upset ghost who wants you out of their house.

Nightmare On Elm Street


No one can deny how unbelievably scary Nightmare On Elm Street was when it first hit the big screen in 1984. Director Wes Craven brought the fear where no other movie had gone before, to your dreams. The movie was about four teenagers who were stalked and killed in their dreams by Freddy Krueger, which caused them to die in reality. This movie’s influence was one of the first to start a new genre that would later become known as slasher films. Nightmare On Elm Street stood out so much because of its play on something almost everyone has had at some point in their lives…a nightmare. The mere thought of not being able to escape our nightmare, or having your nightmares follow you into the real world was a scary aspect. It was made even scarier when you add a murderous character who tries to kill you the minute you learn who he is.

The Exorcist


You can’t mention horror movies without mentioning the holy grail of horror movies. The Exorcist is probably the most influential horror movie ever made, with so much dark energy surrounding it people believed the set was cursed. The movie was released in 1973 and was about a twelve-year-old girl possessed by a demon and her mother’s fight to save her through exorcism. The film was an adaptation of the book written by William Peter Blatty. It was one of the highest grossing films in history and still considered one of the scariest movies ever made. People who went to see the movie had mixed reactions, with everything from crying to needing to go to the hospital after. One of the reasons The Exorcist was so terrifying is because of how realistic the special effects were, especially during the 70s when the film was released. Audience members had never seen anything like it, and would probably reframe from watching something so disturbing ever again.

The Silence of The Lambs


The Silence of The Lambs was a new kind of horror film when it was released in 1991 because of its antagonist. The movie followed an FBI trainee who sought the assistance of an imprisoned cannibalistic serial killer who was also a psychiatrist. A lot of horror movies depict their killers or antagonist in the same way with small variations between them, they’re big scary men with weapons who just go around killing people for whatever reason. In the movie Silence of the Lambs, you’re introduced to a new kind of killer.  A killer who is so calculated and smart you have no chance of beating him. A murder who can get inside your head, mess with you, and torture you. He was a villain who not only was more intelligent than his villain counterparts but was more twisted as well. He would not only harm you physically but he got to you psychologically and emotionally. His horror is so consuming it was almost enticing and changed the way you saw killers.

There are many horror movies that we grow to love or hate, but these horror films made their marks on our lives. Whether it was the gore, the plots, or the special effects, these horror movies stand out from the rest and forever changed us. And if you’re looking for some good horror flicks to watch, this is a pretty good list.


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