Are Women Really Still Getting Paid Less

The news of women getting paid less is sadly not surprising to anyone, this has been the case since women joined the workforce. The surprising thing is that this is still considered an issue in 2018. You would think since women have been a part of the workforce on a grand scale since the 1800s, that we would have been able to manage equal pay by now but sadly that’s not the case. The wage gap is a statistical indicator often used as an index of the status of women’s earnings relative to men’s. In 1963 it became illegal for men to receive higher pay than their female counterparts who held the same position as they did and did the same work. This was known as the equal pay act. And even though statistically speaking women are now more educated and receiving more degrees than men are, they are still receiving less pay.


Over time women would make progress with receiving higher pay but on a collective scale, the pay was never equal. Court cases like Schultz v. Wheaton Glass Co. (1970) and Corning Glass Works v. Brennan (1974) would be huge milestones for women. These cases helped get rid of the loopholes that were created after the Equal Pay Act to try to keep the wages of women further down. Why is women getting paid the same as men such a huge deal? Why is it such a hard issue to resolve? When you consider why the issue of wage gaps hasn’t been resolved you tie in a lot of different factors. Some of the factors to consider are the type of jobs women have their education level and the history of the wage gap. A Youtube video created by VOX was created in 2006 about the wage gap and get into detail about the types of things to consider when you look a the wage gap.


Now that we understand the wage gap a little more, it’s time to see if there is anything that can be done about it. Hope for better wages seemed to be on the way when Ivanka Trump consistently tweeted about pushing for women to get equal pay during Trump’s campaign. After Trump’s first year the hope slowly began to simmer out.  According to the Huffington Post, “Women are still taking home 80 cents for every dollar that a male makes”. So what are women who are still waiting for equal pay supposed to do?

For some, the key lies in finding the right politician to push for equal wages. A politician who shows action and is not just using that issue as a catchphrase. It’s important for people specifically women to seek out a politician who holds equal pay in the highest regards. Another solution is to for it to become a big issue socially. Things only get changed when there is enough outcry socially. If enough people in the U.S make this issue a priority, so will the government.


The modern take on the wage gap from the average American is that it will solve itself. Many people believe that because women are taking on more traditionally male positions, the wage gap between the two genders will eventually close. While this theory isn’t necessarily true a solution is presented in it. If women do continue to take on traditionally male positions and don’t receive the same pay the wage gap will continue to grow, and that could possibly encourage people to pay attention to this issue more and open the door for other wage issues such as the difference in pay between women of color and other races. This is an internal issue between women that needs to be addressed as well.

Women must come together and continue to push and make strides towards equal pay. If women don’t come together and demand this issue be resolved it will never happen. And ladies if you notice that you are being treated differently and receiving less pay than the men at your job, don’t be afraid to speak up. Girls Online Magazine supports you!


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