Ladies, Aren’t You Tired Of Faking It?

People fake things all the time, and for the most part, it’s not a big deal. We tend to fake things for different reasons but most of them have to do with social pressure. We fake things because we feel like whatever we are faking isn’t good enough. But there is one kind of faking that should come to an end, and that’s faking it in the bedroom. The jig is up ladies, you no longer have to pretend. According to NBC News, 80 percent of women have faked their O’s during sex. The news is rather upsetting, especially after¬†learning that 98 percent of men claim to orgasm during sex. This may come as a surprise to most people but women achieving their peak during sex has always been a bit of a mystery. The sad part is that men aren’t the only ones who are clueless about women orgasms, but it turns out women are too. There is still so much to learn about women’s orgasms and everything there is to know about them. It’s only recently that scientist have discovered that a majority of women don’t reach orgasms vaginally but through clitoral stimulation.

So Why Do Women Fake It


If so many women aren’t reaching their sexual peak, why would they fake like they are? One of the many reasons it’s theorized that women fake it has to do with lack of knowledge. There is such a stigma on sex, especially when comes to women because women aren’t supposed to be sexual, therefore the available knowledge to women growing up about their female parts and possible sexual experiences is practically nonexistent. The available knowledge women do have comes from things like movies, romance novels, and porn, all of which show unrealistic expectations of female pleasure. Women watch these movies and read these books and think this is how they are supposed to act when I guy simply enters them, and thrust a few times. With so many women faking that they are having desirable sex it’s hard for women to connect and discuss the truth, which is that most men aren’t getting the job done. Can you blame them though?

The Harm In Faking It

woman-2557063_1920¬†As easy as it would be to blame the men for women not reaching their peak, women are to blame too. With 80 percent of women faking, it’s no wonder men walk around thinking that they are doing everything right. How are they going to know that they need to do more if no one is telling them? Women have to stop trying to spare the male ego and be honest about what they need during sex. If women don’t stop pretending it’s only going to create more men doing the wrong thing, or not doing enough during sex which will create more dissatisfied women. Faking it also takes away the woman’s opportunity to enjoy sex just as much as her male counterpart. Both men and women should get to enjoy sex and no one should have to fake it anymore. Faking can also create a low standard for men but a high one for women. Now when you have sex with a guy and don’t immediately climax, something is wrong with you as a woman. It can’t be him because every other girl he’s been with “never had that problem.” Women who have sex and don’t climax start to feel like something is wrong with them because everything and everyone tells them this is how sex is.

How Do We Fix This


The first thing women need to do to fix this is to stop faking it. Even if no longer pretending he’s blowing your mind causes a bit of awkwardness during sex. It’s time for women to be open to the idea of communicating about what they want during sex. There is nothing wrong with a little coaching, and most men don’t mind because they want to please you. If you’re not sure yourself what might get you off it’s time to explore that. Have some alone time and really learn your body. Figure out what feels good to you, maybe visit your local sex store and try a couple of things they have in there. The people who work at those types of stores are usually really open and don’t mind answering sex-related questions you may have. Learn a little about the female anatomy, you’ll be surprised which parts of your body can actually get you off. It’s possible for some women to climax just from breast and nipple stimulation.

Sex is something everyone should enjoy, and no one should feel the pressure of faking. It’s time women set the record straight, and start experiencing the delights of sex as well.





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