6 Wonderful Ways To Have Radiant Skin

Let’s be honest. Most of us cared very little about the health of our skin when we were younger. We wanted that perfect tan, we never washed or moisturized our face, and wrinkles weren’t even on the radar!

Nowadays, everything is different. We care about our skin and want to show it! We are outspoken, and perhaps even blunt, about the beauty products we use because we love sharing products that turn back the clock of time. Does the Fountain of Youth exist? Yes. It’s called skincare! Here are a few ways to have healthy and radiant skin.



Your skin is your canvas, and you want it to be smooth and radiant. Exfoliation helps you sluff off the layers of skin that are holding on to toxins, oils, dead cells and buildup that prevent your new and healed skin to regenerate properly. There are many products out there, from tiny razors, peels, microdermabrasion, masks, and scrubs, but it’s important to be gentle with your skin.  Some exfoliators contain tiny shards that create micro-cuts into your skin, resulting in more damage. When you are choosing an exfoliator, pay attention to the ingredients and how your skin reacts. Once or twice a week should be sufficient, and your face will feel as irresistibly soft and touchable as a newborn.


Do you want skin that looks like an elephant’s? No way! Moisturization is key to keeping your skin healthy at the cellular level. Ever wondered why a newborn’s skin is so incredibly soft? They lived in water for 9 months. Talk about hydrated! Unless you are a mermaid, give your skin the hydration it needs by using a good quality moisturizer all over your face and decollete (neck and chest).  Even if you live in a humid climate, your skin is getting dehydrated because of the sun and wind and other environmental factors. Use a moisturizer daily, and you get bonus points if it is ph-balancing, which helps your skin equalize, reducing the need for treatment-specific products, such as dry, oily, or acne-prone skin.



Desperately seeking that perfect summer tan, we used to spend hours oiled up, lying out, and feeling the penetrating heat from the midday sun. This caused dermatologists all over the world to turn in their graves. Nowadays, we desire protected skin; it’s the norm to use a wide-brimmed hat and a coverup at the beach. We don’t want tanned leathery skin anymore! Use sunscreen! You should be using it all over your body, but especially on your face, and lucky for you, there are many products to choose from. Many facial moisturizers and cosmetics actually have sunscreen incorporated in them! If you are having a hard time choosing, always choose the one with the higher SPF. More protection is always better!


Crows feet. Puffiness. Dark circles. Wrinkles. Eyes age you more than you know. If you haven’t started using an eye cream, begin tonight! Eye cream is made specifically for the fragile sensitive skin around your eyes, designed to reduce and eliminate the unwanted signs of aging. Just dab a little every night, after you wash and moisturize and you will soon see the difference. Think of it as a special vitamin and collagen boost just for your eyes. A little pick-me-up is just what they need to look good and feel good.



Nobody’s perfect, but you can always help your skin be a bit more flawless. Concealer can change your life if you let it. Even if you had a terrible night, and were up all night with a colicky baby, you can still leave your house looking well-rested and vibrant. Don’t be afraid to blend those troubles away and brighten your face. Nobody needs to know. In fact, your friends are doing the same thing.


Give your lips some love too! Moisture, color, and a bit of shine go a long way to bring out your natural beauty.  If you are short on time or don’t like a lot of different products, you can find an all-in-one. Just remember to use it! Not only will it complete your look, but it will help with those fine lines and wrinkles around your lips. Your lips need their own kind of moisture, and lucky for you, there are tons of lip-hydration products on the market!



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