7 Tips To Get Ahead At Work

A wise mentor once said that success will never sneak up and tackle anyone. Success is purposeful, planned, and strategized. Focused efforts, made on a daily basis, will compound and expand opportunities. Whether you have just landed the perfect job, or are looking to move up the corporate ladder, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help you get ahead at work.

First Impressions


First impressions are powerful and can be used for or against you.  Let’s have them used in a positive way. A smile goes a long way, especially at work. It seems small and insignificant and may seem opposite of the competence and power you are trying to portray, but a smile opens the doors to a happy work relationship, exudes confidence, and builds trust. There is no better foot to step forward with. To go along with that smile, stand tall, open up your shoulders, and make eye contact with everyone. It will be well-received and will set you up for future opportunities.


Keep Personal Life Separate


When you are at work, be at work. We all know what that means. Save the personal phone calls, the dentist appointments needing to be rescheduled, the full-color document you are printing for your oldest child’s school report, or the weekly grocery pickup you are shopping for, until after work is done for the day. Time management plays an important role in getting ahead at work. Stay focused. Stay on task. When at work, do your work, and it will amaze you how much you can accomplish without all the other distractions, and how much it will be noticed by your supervisors.




Not only is staying on task a key performance indicator, but punctuality has never been seen as a negative. Quite the opposite really. Some people will notice if you are early to work, but most people will know if you are late to work, including your coworkers and management team. But punctuality doesn’t end as soon as you arrive to work. It also includes finishing work assignments by the assigned date, being on time to meetings, and even arriving promptly when your boss calls you into their office without a moment’s notice. Punctuality is noticed by everyone and can only help you in your efforts to get ahead.



If you don’t understand a task, or aren’t sure of the requirements, or find something confusing, then ask! Communication is not a negative, and whether or not you believe it, questions are not seen as a weakness either! You want to excel at your job duties, and although misunderstandings happen, you don’t want to be one the doing it! Get clear directions. Ask appropriate questions. Clarify your perspective. Information is key to successfully completing your work. Know how to communicate effectively and confidently. James Humes said “The art of communication is the language of leadership” and leadership helps you gain successes at work.


No Drama Llama


We all know the type, don’t we? That one person in the workplace who creates so much drama that it disrupts everything, making it difficult to concentrate on work and even more difficult to stay uninvolved.  If you work with someone like that, stay away! Don’t get involved. It will only taint your professionalism. If you are the one causing all the drama, then you had best simmer down, and soon, before you find yourself without a job to come back to. Nobody likes a drama queen! We all have enough to deal with in our personal lives, let alone fulfilling responsibilities at work. Stay chill. Practice some meditation techniques or play some soothing music. Make a choice for your future and leave the drama behind.

Dress For Success


If you show confidence in your attire, other’s will see that confidence. If you dress professional, other’s will see you as professional. If you dress appropriately for the job you have, then you will be seen with the authority to match your position. How you dress changes how you feel about yourself and your ability to do the job. So if you want to get ahead, dress for success. Not only will you feel the difference, but other’s will also see the difference, and getting noticed for being professional is exactly the kind of notice you want.




Initiative has to come from you. It cannot be assigned. Fulfilling the job duties and completing a certain task or workload is expected. The real dazzle comes from giving the extra oomph, going above and beyond, and working with purpose and drive during those long work hours to do more than what was initially given. It’s the added touch. The attention to detail. It’s the purposeful action towards being noticed for those additional items. Boom. You want that. Demonstrate a pattern of showing initiative and then you can reap those rewards, whether it’s a pay raise or that new position you’ve been wanting.



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