Planning A Wedding Pt 1

The idea of getting married is one that many people have. To someday meet the love of your life and say I do in front of everyone you know and love. For some people getting married is the ultimate goal, often referred to as the “most  important day of your life.” So much goes into the thought of marriage before there is even a wedding. You date like a million people, or just a handful if you’re lucky before you find the right one. Then you slowly start taking those steps of getting to know the family, meeting the friends, possibly moving in together. And then it happens, they get down on one knee and you can’t stop the tears. No, it’s not the I dos, but it’s the biggest moment before, the engagement. Finally your significant other has plotted and planned a special moment to let you know you are the one. You’re filled with excitement and so is everyone you know.

The Planning Begins


Right about now the excitement is starting to whine down and you realize wow I have to start planning my wedding. Not that it needs to happen right away, but you’ll definitely want to have a few things together. Having the basics down can save you a lot of time, and help you to formulate wedding ideas a lot more clearly. It will also help ward off those people who think it’s smart to ask someone who just got engaged a million questions about their wedding. Seriously though, what’s up with that? Anyway, there are several things you might want to nail down before you start actually doing wedding stuff. The first few things you’ll want to decide is when you want to have it, who is going to be in it, and how many people do you want there.

What Day to Have It


This is probably one of the first things people will ask you after you get engaged, and the reason being is it’s so important. Having the date of the date of the wedding is the first thing you need to take care of because literally everything wedding related will directly tie into this date. It can determine things like where you get married, how much a lot of things in your wedding will cost, who will make it to your big day, and much more. You’ll want to consider whether or not you want a wedding during wedding season or offseason because that will make a difference in a lot of things. Think about the time of the year you plan on having it, especially if it’s a destination wedding or an outdoor wedding. Once you have the date down it makes planning just a bit easier.

Who Will Stand With You On Your Big Day


Sure the love of your life will be standing by your side on that special day, but who else? Who out of all the people you know will be apart of a moment you will never forget. WHo will be the people in the majority of your wedding photos and by your side not just on that special day but hopefully the days leading up to it as well. Sometimes it’s easy to pick those people, maybe you knew who it was long before you even got engaged. On the other hand, maybe you have no idea who you want up there with you, maybe your significant other asks you to put one of their siblings up there. Either way, knowing who to pick is important because not only do you have to account for yourself while you’re planning a wedding but you have to account for them too.

Be Our Guest


You won’t get very far in the planning process without knowing how many people you want at your wedding. Before you get a venue, before you order tables, before you choose the food, they’ll all want to know one question. “About how many people are you expecting?” Now don’t freak out, lucky for you this number is usually an estimate rather the final number. In the begining, you should have at least a rough estimate of how many people you will have at your wedding. Yes, that number should include the bridal party and such. If you’re not sure, go pen to paper and start writing names down. As time passes add people you might not have thought of before, or scratch off someone you decided won’t be there. Remember that it’s your wedding and no but you and your significant other should decide who will be there.

Remember not to get overwhelmed, it’s just the beginning stages. There will be more plans to come from Girls Online Magazine. By the way, if you are getting married Congrats!!


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