You Know They’re Cheating On You If…

For some, the signs of a cheating significant other can be hard to spot. For others, the signs are as clear as day. When someone cheats it often means there is something that is missing in the relationship. Something they seek out to find in others. Maybe it’s a lack of sex, maybe it’s affection, for many, it’s low self-esteem. Regardless of the reason, being cheated on is never a good feeling. While cheating usually indicates someone stepping out sexually in a relationship it doesn’t always mean that. Perhaps they’ve gone on dates, maybe they’ve shared a kiss, or maybe they shared very intimate words with someone else. The act of cheating is usually defined by those in the relationship. Much like many other bad habits, there are always signs. If you’re not sure what to look for, here are some things that might help.

There’s A Growing Distance


There are always times in a relationship where you might not feel as close to the person as you did when you both first got together. Most of the time there are reasons that obviously explain the growing distance. Maybe you and your significant other are going through stressful times, perhaps work is getting really hectic, or maybe you both have very active social lives. Assuming you know your partner pretty well, you will know when they’re distant because of something like stress, and when they’re just being distant for a particular reason. A partner will become more distant while cheating for two reasons. One reason is their time is being occupied by someone else, and the other reason is they are trying not to get caught. Both reasons will cause your significant other to be more distant.

You’re Not As Physically Intimate Anymore


There are multiple issues happening if you and your significant other aren’t physically intimate anymore. One of those issues is you’re probably getting cheated on. If your partner isn’t getting it from you they are probably getting it from someone else. You should know how sexual your partner is and how often they like to get it on. If you’ve gone a while without having sex and your partner doesn’t seem frustrated by that fact, you should probably be a little on the concerned side. Physical intimacy is a very important part of a relationship, and unless you and your partner are saving yourself for marriage, not having sex should raise some red flags.


There’s A Drastic Change in Their Look or Behavior


If your partner is suddenly looking, talking, or acting drastically differently, you should be alert. This isn’t a major sign that they are cheating but it is a major sign that something or someone is influencing their life in a major way. That’s not to say you should flip out because your girlfriend or boyfriend got a haircut or a new outfit. But if they’re suddenly getting back into shape, dressing differently, or talking differently, you should definitely look into it.

There are so many different signs that your partner might be cheating. Your best bet is using your intuition. You know your partner well enough to know something is up. Some people are really good at hiding it but if you pay attention to all the signs there’s a good chance you’ll be able to figure it out.

Share with us some signs that would help you know your partner is cheating.



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