Date Night Horror Stories

“I went on a date with some guy and that night he sent me a picture of my profile pic on Facebook. He told me he didn’t have any social media, so I asked him how he came across my picture. He told me that he found it on Google, and then told me he found out a lot about me on Google….needless to say I changed my social media names, and never spoke to him again.” – Jasmine, 24

” I arrived to my date running 10 minutes late because my friend told me to never be on time for a first date. When I walked into the bar we were supposed to meet at, I saw my date chatting up some girl. She gave him her phone number, and he gladly took it. I just turned around and went home. Won’t be taking dating advice from my friend anymore.” – Karen, 27


” She wasn’t ready yet, so she told me to come inside and wait for her, telling me her door was unlock. When I entered her house I had no idea she had a dog, and as soon as I opened the door the dog ran out. I chase after it all the way down the block, but it was too fast. When I finally walked back to her house, my heart beating like crazy, I saw her standing at the front door confused. I explained to her that her dog ran out and I couldn’t catch him, nor did I know where he’d run off to. She explained to me her dog always did that and eventually comes home. I wasn’t really in the mood for our date after that.” – David, 20

“He picked me up for our first date, and when I got in the car I asked him what we were going to do tonight. I assumed he had dinner plans, or something. He told me he paid for a night a some hotel not far from my house. We didn’t make it down the street from my house before I asked him to take me home. I never called him again.” – Len, 32


“When he got to the restaurant it was immediately obvious that he had been drinking. He had a lazy look in his eyes, he was slurring when he greeted me, and I got a little whiff of alcohol when I hugged him. I was almost able to look passed it but when he told me he needed to throw up, I excused myself and never came back.” -Nina, 24

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